Department of Social and Clinical Psychology

Head: Despoina Xanthopoulou, Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology

The Department of Social and Clinical Psychology is part of the School of Psychology (Faculty of Philosophy) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It covers the fields of Social, Organizational, and Clinical Psychology.


Teaching within this Department covers the main topics of Social Psychology and its applications to the community (Interpersonal Relations and Intra-group phenomena, Intergroup relations, International Relations and Conflict, Research Methodology and Applications), of Organizational Psychology (Organizational Structure and Culture, Organizational Change and Resistance to Change, Intra-Organizational Phenomena, Job Characteristics and their relationship with Attitudes and Organizational Behaviors), and of Clinical Psychology (Personality Theories, Psychosocial Systems, Social Exclusion, Institutionalization and De-institutionalization, Psychopathology, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy and Health Psychology).


The main research interests in the domain of Social and Organizational Psychology concern minority issues, racism, prejudice and social discrimination, social identity and inter-group relations in the community and in organizations, the impact of the organizational context on individuals and groups, social movements and socio-psychological approaches of international conflicts. Research in the domain of Clinical Psychology focuses on institutionalization and de-institutionalization, social exclusion, chronic illness, issues within psychotherapy, psychological pain, and the critical view on psychopathology. Faculty members of the Department of Social and Clinical Psychology apply both qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches, in order to study issues related to social and clinical psychological theory and practice.