Erasmus Programme

General Information
The School of Psychology at A.U.Th. has been active in the ERASMUS programme since 1987 being among the first A.U.Th. Schools and Departments that promoted student and staff mobility since the ERASMUS programme was introduced.  During this period more than 800 psychology students have spent a period of their studies at European universities supported by the Erasmus programme. At the same time more than 180 Students from many European universities have come to the School of Psychology as ERASMUS students. Since 2007 students have also the opportunity to work for a short period of time at European educational institutions and enterprises in the frame of the ERASMUS Placement Action. The benefits of being an ERASMUS student have been highly acknowledged by all young people who have taken advantage of this unique opportunity to widen their academic, professional as well as life experiences.

ECTS/Erasmus Coordinators of the School of Psychology

Eleftheria N. Gonida, Associate Professor
New Building of the School of Philosophy, 4th floor, Room 416 "Lambros Houssiadas"
Tel.: +30 2310 997309, E-mail:

Office hours: Monday, 12.00-14.00

Despoina Tata, Associate Professor
New Building of the School of Philosophy, 4th floor, Room 421a
Tel.: +30 2310 997369, E-mail:

Office hours: Tuesday, 11.00-13.00

Erasmus Placement Coordinator of the School of Psychology
Evrinomi Avdie, Assistant Professor
New Building of the School of Philosophy, 4th floor, Room 416 "Lambros Houssiadas"
Tel.: +30 2310 997363, E-mail:

Office hours: (On Sabbatical / winter semester 2017-2018)

Erasmus Staff for the School of Psychology
Tina Tsapoutzoglou, Msc
New Building of the School of Philosophy, 4th floor, Room 416 "Lambros Houssiadas"
Tel.: ++30 2310 997332, E-mail:

Office hours: Monday, 12.00-14.00 &Tuesday 11.00-13.00

English and Greek Courses offered for the Academic Year 2017-2018 (NEW)
Although the official teaching language of the A.U.Th is Greek, from the academic year 2015-2016 onwards the School of Psychology, in order to facilitate the Erasmus mobility, offers to incoming Erasmus/ Mundus students courses taught in English. 
All Erasmus incoming students who don’t possess a good command of the Greek language are expected to attend the Psychology courses offered in English each semester and complete the remaining required ECTS credits from the courses offered in Greek.
- Courses offered in English (2017-2018) here.
- Courses offered in Greek (2017-2018) here. 
Annual Academic Calendar (2017-18) here

Erasmus Study Guide
You can find detailed information concerning registration, offered courses, the syllabus, form of examination and course descriptions in attached files below. 
A further source of information is the e-study guide, a list of all active courses for undegraduate and graduate programmes offered in A.U.Th. 
The information available regarding the courses is derived from data registered by the Secretariats on the system of electronic secretariat, and from the special course description forms which will are filled through the QMS by the Teaching Staff.

Greek Language Courses
For those ERASMUS students who are interested in learning Modern Greek, the School of Modern Greek Language offers a variety of courses helping foreign students find their way in the fascinating landscape of Greek language and culture.

Registration Information
Please see all the registration requirements at the School of Psychology, online services and other useful information for incoming exchange students. 

Further Information
For further information and administrative support, please visit the webpage of the Department of European Educational Programmes.

Usefull Links 
In this section you can find useful information regarding the Academic Calendar, instructions on how to create an Institutional Account, library access, University Gym, Accomodation, Student Club and other useful Services offered to Students at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.