Doctoral Studies

Doctoral Studies at the School of Psychology (AUTH) aim to promote knowledge and original scientific research as well as high level of specialization in main subjects of the science of Psychology. Doctoral studies lead to a Ph.D. degree.

A PhD degree is an academic title that certifies the development of original scientific research and the substantial contribution of its holder to the evolution of science and knowledge in the relevant scientific field.

Admissions Overview and Criteria

Applications for new admissions in the Doctorate Programme are accepted every December (1-31) and June (1-30). The proposed research topic should be included in the application.

Before you apply for a PhD research you should contact the faculty member/potential supervisor you are interested in to check about his/her availability. You can find information about the research areas available at the School of Psychology, and links to faculty member contacts here.

The School’s Graduate Committee will review all applications after the due date.

The admission criteria to the Doctorate programme include:
(a) The submitted research proposal,
(b) CV with the candidate’s profile of studies and research interests,
(d) All prior relevant qualifications including research experience, as well as
(e) The candidate’s motivation to pursue doctoral studies

Required Documents for Admission to the Doctorate’s Program

  1. Application for Admission (doc)
  2. Detailed CV
  3. Copy of identity or passport ID
  4. Official transcripts
  5. Official certified copies of previous academic records (transcripts) are required. All records should be submitted with original stamps by the issuing University.
  6. One recent passport-sized photograph
  7. Research proposal (doc)
    Proof of knowledge of the English language level C2 / C2 or a state level C2 / C2 language diploma. In case the doctoral candidate does not have the above evidence, he/she must undergo a successful examination in English by an examiner appointed by the Departmental Assembly.

A research proposal is to provide information about the intended research project, in terms of content and methodology, in order to assess both the feasibility of the project and the work during the studies. The research proposal has to be evaluated and signed by a Graduate Faculty member with matching research interests who will agree to supervise/advice the dissertation. It is therefore important that applicants carefully consider those faculty members of interest with whom they would like to work prior to completing the application. Applicants should list those faculty members whose research interests best fits with their own interests and experiences, as this information is used in the matching process. The names of all faculty members as well as their research interests can be found in the School’s website (here).

Greek Language Requirements

Good command of the Greek Language is required for all international Ph.D. Students and is attested by the appropriate examination set by the University’s School of Modern Greek ( Each candidate for a doctoral degree is required to meet the communication and Greek language requirements. Classes on the Greek language are offered to all international students by the AUTH School of Modern Greek.

Recognition of foreign academic titles

In order to apply for a doctoral program, Degrees issued by a foreign university must be declared equivalent to the Greek Master’s Degree by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Center (NARIC/DOATAP) (, according to procedures and deadlines established in the website. The Greek NARIC Network (National Academic Recognition Information Centres) aims at improving academic recognition of diplomas and periods of study in the Member States of the EU, the EEA countries and the associated countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Cyprus.

Duration of the PhD Study Programme

The time required for the completion of a Ph.D. programme, ranges from a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 5 years. When required and only in special cases, two (2) year extension may be granted by the Graduate Committee.

Doctoral Committee

In case of acceptance, a three-member supervising committee is assigned by the School, consisting of three faculty members, the dissertation advisor and two readers. The supervising committee is responsible for guiding the doctoral can­didate’s work and for monitoring her/his progress. The committee submits an evaluation letter affirming the thesis progress of each Ph.D. student on an annual basis.

The requirements for the degree include: (a) a year of coursework which is tailored to the students’ needs based on the committee’s recommenda­tions, and (b) two to three years of the doctoral thesis re­search and writing. In addition, the Ph.D. student fulfils teaching and research requirements (e.g., undergraduate and graduate teaching assistantship, research activi­ties of the School).

Upon the completion of the Ph.D. thesis, the doctoral candidate must publicly defend her/his thesis. A 7-member examination committee, consisting of the three supervising faculty members and four examiners coming from the School of Psychology, other departments at AUTH or other universities, evaluate the dissertation and the candidate’s competence to defend her/his work. The defence of the dissertation is done in a conference that is open to the public. The candidate is given at the start a maximum of 1/2 hour to present the main ideas and results of the dissertation and then has to answer questions posed by the examination committee. When all questions have been answered, the examination committee retires to discuss the dissertation and its defence and a decision is reached regarding the grade assigned to the dissertation. The degree is officially conferred during the next full faculty meeting presided by the Rector of the Uni­versity or representative, during which the candidate takes the oath of the Doctor of Philosophy.

Official transcripts can be submitted to the following address:
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Faculty of Philosophy
School of Psychology, Registrar’s Office
Administration Building “Κ. Karatheodori”, 2nd floor
54124 Thessaloniki
Τ: +30 2310 997304
F: +30 2310 995175