Head of the School: Pagona Roussi, Professor
Vice Ηead of the School: Kosmidis Maria - Eleni, Professor

The School of Psychology cosists of three Departments
- Department of Developmental and School Psychology
    Director: Sofia - Eleftheria Gonida, Associate Professor
- Department of Experimental and Cognitive Psychology
    Director: Eleni Aretouli, Assistant Professor
- Department of Social and Clinical Psychology
    Director: Evgenia Georgaca, Associate Professor

Administation Staff
The Registrar’s Office of the School of Psychology is located at the second floor of the AUTh Administration Building (K. Karatheodoris building) and is open to students on weekdays between 12:00 to 13:00. The administrative offices for each of the three departments of the School are located in the Old Building of the School of Philosophy,  room 208 (Departments of Social and Clinical and Developmental and School Psychology) and in the New Building of the School of Philosophy, “Lambros Housiadas” room, Psychology Lab, 416, (Department of Experimental and Cognitive Psychology).

Registrar' s Office

Name Phone E-mail
Lykopoulou Sotiria (Head) 2310996887
Diafonidou Maria 2310995205
Politoglou Petronila 2310997304
Geromichalou Chara 2310995204


Administrative Offices

Name Position Phone E-mail
Tsapoutzoglou Malamati Department of Experimental and Cognitive Psychology 2310997332