Welcome to the School of Psychology AUTh

  The School of Psychology, AUTh, was founded in 1993.  Ιt is an internationally renowned school aiming to train new scientists as well as promote and develop the science of psychology. Approximately 200 undergraduate and 30 postgraduate students are accepted annually. Τhe School is actively involved in European and international networks of cooperation in terms of teaching, research and community interventions.
  Upon successful completion of the programme requirements, graduates acquire comprehensive theoretical knowledge in a wide range of basic and specialized areas in psychology, such as experimental, biological, cognitive, developmental, educational/school, social, and clinical psychology. Graduates of the program are expected to have achieved the following learning outcomes:
  Α. Scientific knowledge and skills in (i) searching, reviewing and critically evaluating the relevant literature, (ii) designing research studies applying diverse methodological approaches, (iii) analyzing empirical data using quantitative and qualitative techniques, (iv) evaluating and interpreting research findings and (v) using new information technologies in all the above areas.
  Β. Familiarization with the ways psychological knowledge is developed and applied, in particular with those facets of knowledge which contribute to the understanding of all aspects of human behavior and to furthering the wellbeing of individuals, groups and communities.
 C. Awareness and training in the following domains: (i) scientific and professional ethics, (ii) co-operation with others and teamwork, (iii) respect for human diversity and cultural multiplicity, (iv) understanding of gender issues and (v) respect for the natural and the social environment.